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2010.03.27 Couldn't resist adding new message board pictures to the gallery.
2010.03.20 Reviewed Alice In Wonderland.
2010.03.06 Reviewed The Wolfman.
2010.02.27 Updated review of Standard Operating Procedure.
Reviewed Milk.
Added themes to T4 details (some v. basic analysis.
Reviewed Terminator Salvation.
Items added to Archive. Many thanks to posters to the board. Filmog updated a little. More small updates to follow.
Added Hellboy II review. Actually done ages back but wanted to add thematic references. Still not done. Apologies.
2008.08.20 9fingeredelf reviews the ballet Rabbit & Rogue.
2008.07.19 Added a few transcripts to the Archive.
2008.06.26 Wanted reviewed (CD and film ratings given)
2008.05.19 CD of Standard Operating Procedure reviewed.
2008.03.15 Thor evens out the review of The Kingdom.
2008.01.30 The Kingdom review and details added to Score Profiles. Added an item to the Archive.
2007.09.22 Just added a few items to the Archive.
2007.06.13 NEWS update on current projects; a few small Archive updates - thanks to message board posters!
2007.4.28 Charlotte's Web finally has a review posted. At last can add clips and details.
2007.03.30 IESB interview added to Archive
Review added for Meet The Robinsons. See updated score profiles too.
Reza's "Viva Danny Elfman" English-Indonesian language site added to links. Finally.
Transcript of an all-but useless interview between Elfman and Marilyn Manson added to the Archive.
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