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John Foulds: Keltic Suite, Isles of Greece...
Catalogue: Dutton Epoch CDLX 7252 (released autumn 2010)
Barcode: 765387725228
Duration: 1:08'06"

Performers: BBC Concert Orchestra / Ronald Corp
Katharine Wood (cello, tracks 3, 11), Cynthia Fleming (violin, tracks 5, 8, 11, 14), Roderick Elmas (organ, track 14)
Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, London, England, 2010.03.08-10

1. Keltic overture, op.28
2-4. Keltic suite, op.29
5. Sicilian aubade
6. Isles of Greece, op.48 no.2 *LISTEN: 0'00"-1'07"*
7-10. Holiday sketches, op.16
11. An Arabian night
12-15. Suite fantastique, op.72 *LISTEN: 14. excerpt*

John Foulds Volume 2: Indian suite...
Catalogue: Dutton Epoch CDLX 7260 (released autumn 2010)
Barcode: 765387725228
Duration: 1:08'06"

Performers: BBC Concert Orchestra / Ronald Corp
Katharine Wood (cello, tracks 9, 11), Cynthia Fleming (violin, tracks 5, 8, 11, 14), Roderick Elms (organ, track 14)
Recorded: The Colosseum, Town Hall, Watford, London, England, 2010.03.08-10 (tracks 6-10, 16-24)
and: St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, England, 2010-0715 (tracks 11-15)

1-3. Music-pictures group vi, op.81: Gaelic melodies (1924)
4. The Florida spiritual, op.71, no.1 *LISTEN: 0'00"-1'05"*
5. La belle Pierrette: Intermezzo impromptu
6. Darby and Joan, op.42, no.1: An old English idyll
7-9. Music pictures group iv, op.55: Suite for string orchestra
10. Strophes from an antique song
11-15. Indian suite *LISTEN: 15. end*
16-20. Henry VIII suite, op.87
21-24. Suite française, op.22

John Foulds: A World Requiem (Premiere Recording)
Catalogue: Chandos CHSA 5058(2) (released 2007.01)
Barcode: 095115505823
Duration: 1:29'58"

Two discs recorded in 5-channel surround for SACD, playable on CD players in stereo. *LISTEN: Mega sampler clip of highlights. (5'35" 3.84MB)*

Performers: Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Stuart Skelton, Gerald Finley (soloists)
Trinity Boys Choir, Crouch End Festival Chorus, Philharmonia Chorus
BBC Symphony Orchestra / Leon Botstein

Blunt's note: A recording date is not given, and while it is implied that this is a recording of the live performance given in the Albert Hall 2007.11.11 and broadcast live on Radio 3, there are some slight differences and corrections which suggest perhaps that rehearsals were also recorded as safeguard.

CBSO Youth Orchestra [Promo]
Catalogue: Label is CBSO; no issue number. 200 pressed for sale to orchestra and friends
Barcode: n/a
Duration: unverified

Includes Overture, Le Cabaret by Foulds, conducted by Sakari Oramo

Other works are: Britten: Young person's guide to the orchestra; Arutiunian: Trumpet concerto; (Alison Balsam, soloist); Elgar: Enigma variations

John Foulds (Foulds: Dynamic triptych, Music pictures III)
Catalogue: Warner Classics 2564 62999-2 (released 2006)
Barcode: 825646299928
Duration: 61 mins

1-3. Dynamic triptych, op.88
4. April-England (Impression of time and place no.1), op.48, no.1
5-8. Music-pictures group III, op.33 (World Premiere recording) *LISTEN: 8. 0'56-1'38*
9. The song of Ram Dass
10. Keltic lament, op.29, no.2 [Keltic suite, op.29. No.2, Keltic lament] *LISTEN: 1'57-2'53*

Performers: Peter Donohoe (piano) [1-3.], City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra [CBSO] / Sakari Oramo
Recorded: Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England, 2006.01.11,13,15,16

An informative review of this disc is at serenadeingreen.com

Unfortunately, although early purchasers quick enough to visit warnerclassics.com were able to download PDFs of scores and an mp3 of a movement from the Indian suite; the label's site advertises the suite movement, an mp3 from a previous disc and the composer's original programme notes. Unfortunately warnerclassics.com has no exclusive area, and that of the warnerclassicsandjazz.com has no sign of Foulds. (noted 2012.01)

Transcendent Journey
Catalogue: Sony Classical SK93829 (recorded late 2003)
Barcode: 5099709382925
Duration: 72 mins

3. Gandharva-music, op.49 *LISTEN: 0'00"-1'00"*
5. April-England, op.48, no.1

Performer: Juan José Chuquisengo (piano)
Other works: Bach: 'Wachtet auf, ruft uns de stimme,' 'Jesus bleibet meine freude', Toccata, C minor, BWV911; Handel: Chaconne, G major, HWV435; Beethoven trans. Liszt: Symphony no.7, Second movement; Corigliano: Fantasia on an ostinato; Schumann: Toccata, C major, op.7; Prokofiev: Toccata, D minor, op.11

John Foulds (Foulds: Mirage, Three Mantras from Avatara, op.61b)
Catalogue: Warner Classics 2564 61525-2 (released 2004.10)
Barcode: 825646152520
Duration: 78 mins

1-3. Three Mantras from Avatara, op.61b *Track 1. LISTEN: 0'00"-1'00"*
4-5. Lyra Celtica - Concerto for voice and orchestra, op.50
6-9. Apotheosis (Elegy) - Music poem no.4, for violin and orchestra, op.18
*Track 9. LISTEN: 0'00"-0'41"*
10-15. Mirage - Music poem no.5, for orchestra, op.20

Performers: Susan Bickley (mezzo-soprano, BD4-5), Daniel Hope (violin, BD6-9)
City of Birmingham Youth Chorus (BD2)
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra / Sakari Oramo
Notes: Awarded a Gramophone Editor's Choice 'A fascinating portrait of a colourful, restless personality'
Notes: A background-come-review is available at http://www.calowclassics.net/foulds.html

British light music classics, vol. 4
Catalogue: Hyperion CDA67400 (released 2002.09.02; deleted as SRCS130 LP)
Barcode: 034571174006
Duration: 78 mins

5. Keltic suite (orchestra, 1914) excerpt: 'Keltic lament'

And various other items

Performers: Michal Kaznowski (cello), with Ronald Corp / New London Orchestra
Notes: A review is available at http://www2.hyperion-records.co.uk/details/67400.asp

Foulds - Piano music [also listed as 'piano works']
Catalogue: BIS BISCD933 (released)
Barcode: 7318590009338
Duration: 67 mins

1. Essays in the modes [op.78, 1928]
2. Variazioni ed Inprovvisati su un Tema Originale [op.4, ca.1900]
3. English tune with burden [1914]
4. April-England [1926] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'34"*
5. Music pictures: group vi, 'Gaelic melodies' [op.81, 1924]
6. Music pictures: group vii, 'Landscapes' [op.13, ca.1927]

Performer: Kathryn Stott (piano)
Recorded: 1998
[Liner notes archived]

Foulds - Music for solo piano
Catalogue: Altarus AIR-CD-9001 (released, 1984; 1992.07)
Barcode: n/a
Duration: 63 mins

1. Essays in the modes [op.78, 1928] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'46"*
2. Variazioni ed Inprovvisati su un Tema Originale [op.4, ca.1900]
3. Gandharva music [op.50, 1915, revised 1926]
4. April-England [1926]
5. English tune with Burden [1914]

Performer: Peter Jacobs (piano)

Notes: 7 pages of liner notes from Malcolm MacDonald (©1991), picture of Foulds and Maud McCarthy (1926.04), 3 pages of chronology listings (life and works), 1 page about Jacobs plus picture. Previously released on LP as AIR-2-9001

Foulds [- Orchestral works]
Catalogue: Lyrita SRCD212 (released 1993.03)
Barcode: 5020926021229
Duration: 61 mins

1. Le cabaret [overture, op.72a, 1921] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'44"*
2. Pasquinades symphoniques [op.98, 1935] Excerpt: no.2 'Romantic'
3. April-England [op.48, no.1, 1926, orchestrated 1932]
4. Hellas, a suite of Ancient Greece [op.45, 1932]
5. 'Mantras' [op.61b] *Track 12. LISTEN: 0'00"-0'54"*

Performers: London Philharmonic Orchestra / Barry Wordsworth

Notes: 6 pages of liners notes from Malcolm MacDonald

Foulds - Quartetto intimo [et al]
Catalogue: Pavillion Records/Pearl SHECD9564 (released 1995.11)
Barcode: 727031956426
Duration: 54 mins

1. Quartetto intimo [String quartet no.9, op.89, 1931] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'44"*
2. Quartetto geniale [String quartet no.10, op.97, 1935] Excerpt: Lento quieto
3. Music pictures: group ii, 'Aquarelles' [x3, op.32, 1914]

Performers: Endellion Quartet
Recorded: St Peter's Church, Notting Hill Gate, London, 1981.7.25-26

Notes: 6 pages of uncredited liner notes with a nod to the British Music Society. A review is available at http://www.musicweb.uk.net/classrev/2000/nov00/foulds.htm. Previously released on LP as SHE 564

Masters of the English musical renaissance
Catalogue: Forlane UCD16724/5 (released 1994.06)
Barcode: 3399242167242
Duration: 153 mins (2 CDs)

4. St Joan [op.82b, concert suite from the incidental music, 1925] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'58"*
5. Pasquinades symphoniques [op.98, 1935] excerpt: 'Classical'
6. Mirage [op.20, 1900]

Also contains works by Parry: 1. Symphony no. 3, 'English'; 2. Concertstück; and by Havergal Brian: 3. The tigers

Performers: Luxembourg Radio Symphony Orchestra / Leopold Hager
Recorded: 1981
Notes: previously released on LP as UM3529-31
[Liner notes archived]

English cello sonatas
Catalogue: British Music Society BMS423CD (released 1998.10)
Barcode: n/a
Duration: 81 min

2. Sonata for cello and piano [op.6, 1905 revised 1927] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'58"*

Also contains: 1. York Bowen - Sonata for cello and piano, op.64, 3. Ernest Walker - Sonata for cello and piano, op.41

Performers: Jo Cole (cello), John Talbot (piano)
Recorded: 1997
Notes: Liner notes by Trevor Hold
[Liner notes archived]
A review is available at http://www.musicweb.uk.net/classrev/2001/May01/EnglishCello.htm

English seasons
Catalogue: Philips 454 444-2PH (released 1997.11)
Barcode: 028945444420
Duration: 69 mins

3. April-England [op.48 no.1, 1926 orchestrated 1932]

Also contains: 1. Delius - On hearing the first cuckoo in spring, 2. Bridge - Enter spring, 4. Bridge - Summer, 5. Grainger - Harvest hymn, 6. Bax - November woods, 7. Bridge - Sir Roger de Coverley

Performers: Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields / Sir Neville Marriner
Recorded: 1996

The art deco cafe
Catalogue: Meridian CDE84361 (released 1999.01)
Barcode: 5015959436126
Duration: 71 mins

14. Kashmiri boat song *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'56"*

Also contains: 1. Gerhard Winkler - Scandinavian Express, 2. Winkler - Toulouse, 3. Franz von Vecsey - Valse triste, 4. Frederick Charrosin - Snow-flakes, 5. Isy Geider - Roumanian gypsy dance, 6. Franz Grothe - Illusion, 7. Eric Coates - Birdsongs at Eventide, 8. Geogres Boulanger - Da capo, 9. Hermann Krome - Sunshine over Capri, 10. Bert Marland - Piccadilly prelude, 11. Archibald Joyce - Phantom of Salome, 12. Percy Fletcher - Reconciliation, 13. Nico Potpourri Dostal -
Wie wandern um die Welt, 15. Helmut Ritter - Geigen polka, 16. Ritter - Errinerung, 17. Josef Rixner - Ready steady go

Performers: London Salon Ensemble
[Liner notes archived]

Vaughan Williams / John Foulds - Works for piano and orchestra
Catalogue: Lyrita SRCD211 (released 1993.01, previously on LP)
Duration: 57 mins

2. Dynamic triptych [op.88] *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'37"*

Also contains: 1. Ralph Vaughan Williams - Concerto for piano and orchestra [1933, in C major]

Performers: Howard Shelley (piano), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Veronon Handley
[Liner notes archived]
Notes: previously released on LP as SRCS130

The Classic Salon
Catalogue: Meridian CDE84416 (released 1999)
Barcode: n/a
Duration: n/a

16. Sérénade espagnole (Spanish Serenade) op.20 no.2 [2'52]
by Alexander Glazunov, arr. John Foulds *LISTEN: 0'00"-0'31"*

Performers: The London Salon Ensemble, with Charlotte Page
[Instruments: Violins, cello, double bass, piano, harmonium, accordion, soprano? - this covers the whole disc]
[Liner notes archived]


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