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Below is a call for papers for a projected Buffy music publication.


Sounds of the Slayer: Music and Silence in Buffy and Angel
Edited by Paul Attinello and Vanessa Knights

Abstracts are invited for a new collection about sound in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Contributions are sought on related topics using various disciplinary approaches, including but not limited to:

- musical performance and guest performers
- scoring and soundtrack
- narrative and characterization
- expression and symbolism
- genres and genre references
- references and intertextuality
- sociocultural resonance
- gender/race/identity associations
- sound/music/image/action analyses
- indie aesthetics
- production, marketing, and spinoffs
- audiences, reception, and fans
- erasure or unusual placement of music
- convention and innovation in different media

The editors represent the fields of musicology and cultural studies, but work from other disciplines is welcome. A broad range of approaches, including critique, analysis, hermeneutics, and industry studies (or syntheses of any of these) are encouraged, as are collaborations, especially between writers working in different fields or methods. We will consider interviews with composers, arrangers, producers and others, but preference will be given to original research and interpretation.

Potential contributors may wish to examine Janet Halfyard's analysis of gender and identity in the theme tunes of Buffy and Angel (, issue 5, 2001), as well as S. Renee Dechert's 'My Boyfriend's in the Band!: Buffy and the Rhetoric of Music' (Wilcox & Lavery, 2002).

If you are interested in contributing, please send an abstract of 250-500 words plus a short biography (including your current status/position and a list of publications) by 31 March 2003.

Proposals should be sent both in e-mail and as attachments (Microsoft
Word or RTF), or may be sent as hard copy

Dr Paul Attinello
Department of Music
School of Arts and Cultures
Armstrong Building
University of Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
United Kingdom

Fax 44 (191) 222 5242

Applicants will be notified regarding acceptance by 1 May 2003; we expect that the deadline for completed papers will be 30 September 2003. Queries are welcome at the above e-mail or address.

Please pass on to interested colleagues.

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