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2010.04 Added All About Steve review.
2010.04 Added Post Grad review.
2010.02.26 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief reviewed; Also updated Two for the Money with CD details and review. Also reviewed The Hangover.
2009.11.23 The Marc Pease experience and I love you, Beth Cooper reviewed
2009.11.21 Pink Panther 2 finally reviewed
2009.10.18 Day break pilot reviewed.
2009.03.27/04.03 Review of Phoebe in Wonderland.
2009.02.28 Review and clips from Drillbit Taylor.2009.02.27 Review and clips from License to wed.
2009.02.27 Toe in water. Updated reviews for Charlie Bartlett and The Sentinel.
2008.10.12 Expanded details of the new Buffy music release added to the BUFFYVERSE.
2008-09-23 Transcribed 'Sons of Marshall' cue from We are Marshall on request. Miniature gem for cello and piano.
2008-09 Buffy music released by Rounder Records. Features music from seasons 2-5. All Beck.
2008-08-20 Review of What Happens in Vegas
2008-05-16 Justin has come up with still more small pearls of wisdom regarding additional composers for Buffy.
2008-01-27 Added 3 Needles (film)
2008-01-20 Added Fred Claus (CD)
2007-10-23 Added Year of the Dog (CD).
2007-10-22 Added School for Scoundrels to the filmography.
2007-10-21 Review of The Seeker (The Darks Is Rising) added to the filmography.
2007.10.16 Charlie Bartlett CD details, review etc. added to filmography. More news added to Douglas Romayne's section.
2007.04.24 Douglas Romayne Stevens update
2007.04.13 Details and review of The Perfect Man (2005) added to the filmography.
2007.03.04 Details and review of Zoom (2006) added to filmography. Also modified review of Confidence (2003) after finally watching the film.
2007.02.28 Details and review of Starstruck (1998) added to the filmography.
2007.02.10 Details and review of Two for the Money (2005) added to filmography
2007.02.03 Details and review of Yours, Mine & Ours (2005), with great sound clips.
2007.01.28 Details and review of the Varese Sarabande release of the We Are Marshall score. Also added an interview transcript to RESOURCES/LINKS page - see description for details.
2006.07.30 Buffyverse update: 'Passion' (2.17) added; plus an important note on themes added to 'Amends' (3.10) by Ian Miller (scroll to yellow text on the page)
2006.07.23 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. A look at the soundtrack release which also covers music from the first film. See filmography.
2006.07.02 Buffy episode 2.16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered is given the full treatment, with clips, promos, examples, review, quotables and the customarily impenetrable cue-by-cue commentary. Worth the wait? I hope so.
2006.06.18 Music-in-film comments added to the Pink Panther review
2006.05.07 The Sentinel soundtrack reviewed in the filmography.
2006.04.04 Pink Panther soundtrack reviewed in the filmography.
2006.04.01 Buffyverse updates: DRS news and reviews; comments on episodes; Ian Livingstone added to "hall of fame".
2006.03.11 Ice Princess details added to the filmography.
2006.01.29 F/X The Series is added to the film/tv-ography; updates to the "other Buffy composers" section, including especially Douglas Romayne Stevens; some new links added to the resources page.
2005.12.25 Buffy episodes 3.15 Consequences and 3.16 Doppelgangland are added to The Buffyverse
2005.10.05 Rob Gokee reviews Buffy episode 3.14 Bad Girls.
2005.08.25 Rob Gokee reviews Buffy episode 3.13 The zeppo.
2005.08.14 Rob Gokee reviews Buffy episode 3.12 Helpless
2005.08.07 News update. A Gokee review will follow next week. Message Board Gallery created.
2005.07.31 Rob Gokee's review of Buffy episode 3.11 Gingerbread
2005.07.22 Miss Congeniality 2 gets a cursory review, and a treat: a piano arrangement of the tragic ending to Buffy episode: "The Wish".
2005.07.10 Rob Gokee reviews Buffy episode 3.10 Amends. A bevy of the usual review, cue-by-cue, music examples and promo downloads.
2005.07.10 Rob Gokee reviews Buffy classic: 3.09 The Wish
2005.07.03 Rob Gokee reviews: 3.08 Lover's Walk; slight update of the "others" section
2005.06.15 Rob Gokee reviews: 3.07 Revelations.
2005.06.19 Rob Gokee delivers the verdict on 3.06 Band Candy, and Justin Boggan and Blunt have collaborated on giving the "other Buffy composers" listing a big boost. Fascinating stuff.
2005.06.12 Interstate 60, arguably one of Beck's most rewarding film projects, is given a thorough examination - review, cue-by-cue, clips, musical examples, credits, etc.
2005.06.05 Rob Gokee steamrollers through Buffy episode 3.05 "Homecoming", picking out the main theme and discussing the score as a whole.
2005.05.30 Buffy episode "Beauty and the beasts" gets the full Gokee treatment, with sound clips, musical examples, and the usual plethora of commentary and review. We spoil you, we really do.
2005.05.15 Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Music, clips, details, cue-commentary. Many thanks to CB. Details added to the Other Buffy composers section, courtesy of Justin Boggan.
2005.05.07 Buffy update: "Innocence" from season 2: the thrilling closing half of the two-parter.
2005.05.01 Buffy update: "Surprise", where Beck's music comes into its own. Also an update for Douglas Romayne Stevens.
2005.04.24 Filmography updated with a feature on 1997 TV movie Killing Mr Griffin.
2005.04.17 Filmography updated with a big feature on Big Fat Liar.
2005.04.10 Buffy 3.03 "Faith, Hope and Trick" added by Rob Gokee.
2005.04.04 Rob Gokee's update: Buffy 3.02 "Dead Man's Party". News update from CB.
2005.03.23 Taxi completes the Film/TV-ography's listing for 2004.
2005.03.20 "Anne" (Buffy 3.01): full details, cue-by-cue analysis, promo track, and the episode's principal theme illustrated with midi. Author: Rob Gokee
2005.03.13 Double trouble! A new Buffy episode disected in The Buffyverse (plus update of Douglas Romayne Stevens' details), and early film Hostile Intent is squeezed for creative juices in the Film/tv-ography (just remember to scroll down).
2005.03.06 Without a Paddle sploshes onto the filmography, complete with fantastic clips and quote from the DVD commentary, as well as the usual review, credits and naff dialogue. Also more links etc. added to the Resources/Links page. And more updates in the pipeline, so watch out for next Sunday.
2005.02.27 Elektra score and CD have been added to the Film/TV-ography. Resources/Links update.
2005.02.20 Details of Angel added to the film/tv-ography: sound clips, an overview of CB's contribution, and details of the mostly-Kral CD release!
2005.02.13 Details for Little Black Book added to the Film/TV-ography.
2005.02.06 Dog Park details added to the Film/TV-ography. Again, it's a bit old, so scroll down for it
2005.01.30 Airborne details added
2005.01.23 Just Married details added to the Film/TV-ography. Also a piano arrangement of the marimba love theme. Updated Douglas Romayne Stevens details in the Buffyverse/others section
2005.01.16 American Wedding details added to the Film/TV-ography
2005.01.10 Saved! details added; new 'additional composer' added to the Buffyverse, and Kral update
2004.11.21 The Skulls III details added to the Film/TV-ography
2004.11.15 Douglas Romayne Stevens news added to the Buffy-Hall-of-Fame
2004.11.15 Message Booard now a permanent feature: apologies for ads on the board
2004 .11.07 Cinderella story gets the works in the Film/TV-ography. Can Blunt be finally catching up with the super-scorer?!
2004.10.12 Caracara debuts in the Film/TV-ography. Dated 1999, this TV movie fills in a gap in the listings
2004.09.26 Details of Alex Kharlamov and Marina Kotsios added to the Buffyverse hall of fame
2004.09.11 Brian Rolston added to the Buffyverse hall of fame as additional composer for Angel season 4.
2004.09.08 Cheaper by the dozen finally gets the Bluntinstrument treatment in the Film/TV-ography
2004.08.26 Garfield details added to Film/tvogaphy

2004.07.04 Small update to Douglas Romayne Stevens news, and draft track listing for Robert Kral's projected Angel disc (with tiny Chris Beck credit) - click here
2004.06.24 Details of Coming Soon added to Film/TV-ography
2004.06.16 Details of Slap Her She's French added
2004.03.14 Update to details for Douglas Romayne Stevens in the "other composers" section of Buffyverse
2004.03.11 Update to "other composers" in the Buffyverse section, volunteered by Justin Boggan
2003.10.27 Details of contrasting UK and US versions of Radio Sunnydale added to Buffyverse section
2003.10.19 The Event soundtrack details and clips added
2003.10.15 Under the Tuscan sun soundtrack details, review and clips added to film/tv-ography (2003)
2003.10.07 Wolf girl (Blood moon) details added to film/tv-ography (2001)
2003.09.01 Biography updated with information from new publicist
2003..8.20 TV/Filmography update: new films noted, and details of 5 past scores added
2003.08 Only news updates planned for now. Expect a well-overdue filmography content boost by September. E-mail me if you want reminding when it happens.
2003.06.23 An update to the Biography section, which includes news of his recent projects and details of his representatves previously missed from the page. The Buffyverse section includes an additional 'hall of fame' composer. Expect the filmography section finally to get fleshed out over the summer.
2003.04.20 The next Beck/Buffy episode given the Bluntinstrument run-through. Click here to go direct to 2.08 Dark Age
2003.03.31 Further response to the review of last October's Buffy conference in Norwich, UK.
2003.01.14 The links page has had some tinkering, mainly due to the sad demise (hopefully short-term) of download pages for Beck's Buffy score MP3s. Any news, please e-mail me
2003.01.05 Details, review and sound clip added to the "TV/filmography" section for the film Bone Daddy (1998)
2003.01.01 Links checked, a section added to the Buffyverse for other Buffy/Angel composers, news updates. 2003.01.05 update: details concerning Robert Duncan added
Anything I get wrong or anything it looks like I am overlooking, please e-mail me!

2002.11.7-12 BUFFYVERSE updates: Insider report on the Buffy Conference, 'Blood, Text and Fears', plus responses from Drs Knights and Halfyard

The Buffyverse now has its own section, leaving current Beck projects welcome breathing space. Updates on Beck's Tuxedo score release and current projects in the News section

2002.09.23 BUFFY SCORE NOW RELEASED! - Beck's music hitches onto the Once More, With Feeling bandwagon. Click here for details and reasons to buy.

2002.07.08 Some major additions to the Resources/Links page to your left. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom to catch the new audio/mp3 links. After a brief break, next week will see the return of the Buffy episode feature... 2.06 Halloween!

2002.07.01 Site review: Sounds To Bite For. Friendly-but-Blunt checks out a Buffy/Beck site with a creative twist. Read All About It!

2002.06.17-23 2.04 Inca mummy princess -the third in a series of features looking at Beck's Buffy scores, and including the promo mp3, a blow-by-blow account of the score-in-action, with musical examples and midis for non-pianists.

2002.06.03 The second installment of the Buffy score blow-by-blow is now up: 2.02 Some assembly required.Updates now fortnightly: next addition Monday 17th June 2002

2002.05.20 My first feature: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2.01 When she was bad, up despite a cut phone line. Includes musical exs (with midis for non-notation music-lovers) and mp3s from the promotional disc

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