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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Promo Disc Season 2 coverBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Promo Disc Season 3 coverDuring his tenure as Buffy house composer, Beck drew a fair amount of praise from fans of the show, and is regarded as having contributed the highest quality music to the best of the show's episodes. At this time rumour had it that a CD containing music from the second and third seasons might be released alongside the sucessful pop album, but this never materialised, much to the composer's own chagrin. Some years later some of his music from seasons 4 and 5 was released along with songs from season 6's Once More, With Feeling, but with hopes of the release of season 2-3 music (arguably the most substantial contribution to the series) well-and-truly dashed, only the composer's promotional releases gave some indication of their magic away from the series.

According to Joss Whedon in an interview for UGO in December 2003...

"We've tried to get one since the Emmy (referring to Beck's win for Best Dramatic Underscore for the second season episode "Becoming Pt. 1"). "It took us seven years to get out two collections of songs...and we've been able to sneak some stuff on there." Whedon explained that mainstream interest (or rather lack thereof) in scoring work makes it "unbelievably difficult" to get a project of that sort off the ground. "There ain't no justice."

The good news is that as of September 2008, Beck/Buffy fans finally have a great deal of what they wanted. Rounder Records apparently picked up on the fanbase and have assembled a splendid mix of music from seasons two, three, four and five (the finale only, which was the only episode to feature Beck's music) which should more than whet the appetite of newbies, whilst tantelising collectors of the promo discs with just enough extra to have them queuing at the virtual checkout. So in case you're wondering why this site exists - it's not a publicity campaigne, it's not built on his reputation as a film scorer, it started right here, in the Buffyverse, and whatever his work since, this is the unimpeachable benchmark, not just for television but for all modern multimedia scoring. A cornucopia of themes and styles that emerse you in a wicked tale of the damsel-that-turned, and with a slight budget, a few live instruments, and a lot of talent, delivering a classic, not once but again and again and again.

Below are links to episode features together with details from the promotional albums which were made from music in seasons two and three. As soon as Bluninstrument gets hold of the new disc (US release only, it seems), and compares with what is listed here, this page will need a revamp, losing some tracks which are now commercially available, and adding references to what should always have been an essential disc. Cues or episodes marked * are represented at least partially in the 2008 release. Suites of music from these episodes are available on the disc 'Buffy the vampire slayer - Once more, with feeling' Mutant Enemy / 20th Century Fox: Rounder 1166190582 for episodes marked with ^.


Features musicians Chris Bleth (woodwind), Kevan Torfeh (cello), Steve Forman (percussion), Lenny Bloodstein (violin on 'Twice the fool'), Anthony Head (voice on 'Remembering Jenny'). All other episodes composed by Shawn K. Clement & Sean Murray

2.01 When she was bad
01. Resurrection (2'06)
07. Sledgehammer (1'05)

2.02 Some assembly required
(Beck additional music credit only)

2.04 Inca mummy girl
04. Ampata's kiss (1'46)

2.06 Halloween

2.08 The dark age
22. The mark of Eyghon (1'27)

2.11 Ted
11. Accused (2'03)
16. Robot rampage (1'29)

2.13 Surprise
12. Escape (1'26)

2.14 Innocence
06. What's that do? (1'07)
13. Moment of happiness (2'15) *

2.16 Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered
02. Twice the fool (0'46) *
10. Mob rush (1'32)
14. The Buffy rat (1'33)

2.17 Passion
03. Remembering Jenny (2'03) *
09. Angel waits (1'40) *

2.19 I only have eyes for you
15. Love is forever (1'15)

2.21 Becoming, part 1
05. Devil child (1'15)
08. Cursed (1'25)
17. Show me your world (2'31)
19. Massacre (3'54) *
21. As Angel becomes (1'54)

2.22 Becoming, part 2
18. Waking Willow (2'02)
20. Vision of Jenny (2'39)
23. Close your eyes (2'48)


Features musicians Chris Bleth (woodwind), M.B. Gordy and Steve Forman (percussion on 'The zeppo'), Evan Wilson (viola on 'Amends' and 'Graduation day'), George Doering (guitar on 'Lover's walk'), Bobbi Page (vocals on 'The wish'

3.01 Anne
01. Deliverance (2'49)

3.02 Dead man's party

3.03 Faith, Hope and Trick

3.04 Beauty and the beasts

3.05 Homecoming

3.06 Band candy
02. Tai chi (1'18) *
03. Sugar high (1'54) *

3.07 Revelations

3.08 Lovers walk
04. Loneliness of six (1'52) *

3.09 The wish
05. Bizarro Sunnydale (2'03)
06. Blood machine (2'30)
07. Slayer's elegy (1'49) *

3.10 Amends
08. Dublin, 1938 (1'10)
09. Dreaming of (1'45)
10. Magic snow music (3'29) *

3.11 Gingerbread

3.12 Helpless
11. Betrayal (1'10
12. Kralik's house (3'46) *
13. A father's love (1'55)

3.13 The zeppo
14. Dead guys with bombs (3'07)

3.14 Bad girls

3.15 Consequences

3.16 Doppelgangland
15. Alt. Willow (3'37)

3.17 Enemies

3.18 Earshot

3.19 Choices
16. Into the mayor's lair

3.20 The prom
17. Dearly beloved (1'48)
18. The beginning of the end (1'50)
19. Class protector (1'57)

3.21 Graduation day, part 1
20. Poison arrow (1'53)
21. Faith's end (3'35) *

3.22 Graduation day, part 2
22. Aftermath (1'42)
23. Drink me (1'23) *
24. Little Miss Muffet (2'41)
25. War (1'37)
26. One last look (1'07) *


4.01 The freshman
4.02 Living conditions
4.03 The harsh light of day
4.04 Fear itself *
4.05 Beer bad
4.06 Wild at heart
4.07 The Initiative
4.08 Pangs
4.09 Something blue
4.10 Hush * ^
4.11 Doomed

4.12 A new man *
4.13 The I in team
4.14 Goodbye Iowa
4.15 This year's girl *
4.16 Who are you? *
4.17 Superstar
4.18 Where the wild things are
4.19 New moon rising
4.20 The Yoko factor
4.21 Primeval
4.22 Restless * ^


5.22 The gift ^ *


6.07 Once more, with feeling (orchestrations, arrangements, incidental music)


Credited to Robert Kral, who later in the season (from around the 6th episode) became sole composer, although Beck retained joint credit until season 2, and contributed the occasional cue up to the midway point of the season. Only the first episode is credited to Beck alone, and this is featured in the 2005 score CD. See the entry for Angel (1999-2000) in the film/tv-ography.

1.01 City of [Angels]
1.02 Lonely heart[s], with Robert J. Kral
1.03 In the dark, with Robert J. Kral
1.04 I fall to pieces, with Robert J. Kral
1.05 RM W/A VU


Note1: Due to space constrictions, I am unable to provide permanent MP3 files for music from the promo discs. 192kbps files are available for each feature update, but are taken down when the next arrives. A 64kbps version should stay for longer, though.

Note2: Main title themes: Buffy: Nerf Herder
Angel: Holly Knight, Cami Elen and Jymm Thomas, performed by Darling Violetta

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